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Grandma’s Recipe for a Loving Family

4  cups of love                                                    5  tablespoons of understanding 2  cups of loyalty                                                2  tablespoons of  hope 3  cups of forgiveness                                        2  tablespoons of tenderness 1  cup of friendship                                            4  quarts of faith 2  tablespoons of kindness                              1  barrel of laughter Take

Green Power Smoothie, Brandi Redo

This cleansing drink provides nutrients and some of the trace minerals your body is craving. One smoothie every morning will give you lasting energy until lunch. * ¾cup water * 4 collard or kale leaves, stemmed * ½cup raw almonds (preferably soaked overnight) * 1 apple (peeled, cored and coarsely chopped) * ½cup frozen mangos,