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“Born To Move” Magazine, Health and Physical Movement for the Mature Woman

Born To Move” Magazine conveys health and physical fitness topics for the mind and body, with the desire to catapult readers into a healthier lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to educate as well as to eliminate the fear factor of taking a different approach to being healthy.  The forthcoming editions

How Can You Combat the Job Market’s Perception of “Old Age”? Part 1 of 3, Marva Goldsmith

Marva L. Goldsmith, AICI CIP http://www.branding50.com http://www.marvagoldsmith.com Begin by addressing the misconceptions that many mature workers face when seeking employment: 1.          You’re too old (You’ve outlived your usefulness)! 2.          You’re too expensive (Your wage could support three new employees)! 3.          Your education is outdated (You can’t keep up with new technologies)! There may