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The “Green Power Smoothie” Comments, Brandi Redo

“Born To Move” Magazine featured the “Green Power Smoothie” recipe in the October 2010 edition. This cleansing drink provides the nutrients and some of the trace minerals that your body is craving. Several people tried this wonderful smoothie, and here are several comments: Gemma Clarke “I really enjoy it.  The

Green Power Smoothie, Brandi Redo

This cleansing drink provides nutrients and some of the trace minerals your body is craving. One smoothie every morning will give you lasting energy until lunch. * ¾cup water * 4 collard or kale leaves, stemmed * ½cup raw almonds (preferably soaked overnight) * 1 apple (peeled, cored and coarsely chopped) * ½cup frozen mangos,

Diet Detective

DIET DETECTIVE “Healthy Frozen Entrees” Should meet guidelines in order to lose weight.  Amount Per Servings:  Calories 350 (max.) ; Calories from fat 30% (max.); Total fat 9g (max.); Sodium 600 mg (max.)  Recommended brands:  Lean Cuisine, Kashi, Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, and South Beach Diet. More info:  www.dietdetective.com  

22 Reasons to Eat And Drink Dark Chocolate and Acai Daily, Regina Jeter

If you are concerned about aging successfully, dark chocolate, Açai berry and blueberry will assist.   What does it mean to “age successfully?” It simply means that most nutrients in dark chocolate, the Açai berry and blueberry helps (if taken daily) to: Provide  nutrients to the cells for proper functioning Helps