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Can Muscle Turn Into Fat? This is one of those questions that are asked all the time. Isn’t this good to know?

everydayhealth.com, Ask Joy Bauer Q: Is it true that muscle turns into fat if you stop working out? Conversely, can exercise turn fat into muscle? A: In a word, no! Muscle and fat are two entirely different entities. You can no more convert one into the other than you can

Working Out-In, Jump Rope and Hula Hoop, Regina Jeter

Yes, it’s hot outdoors, but there are some exercises that can be done indoors.  Remember the jump rope and the hula hoops?       JUMP ROPE is a cardiovascular workout that tones and strengthens almost all the major muscles of the body in a few fluid motions.  Working out for

Working Out-In, Winter Fitness, Regina Jeter

The winter season and its inclement weather can certainly keep us from enjoying outdoor activities and exercise.  If it’s an ice storm or cold rain, indoor activities certainly are the best option. However, if it SNOWS…try making it an opportunity for outdoor fun and exercise for the entire family! Any

Jack LaLanne, The “Godfather of Fitness” 1914-2011, Toni Miles, Miles Fitness

Do you remember Jack LaLanne?  Most of us today may remember him as the “juice man” with his “Power Juicer.”  But, I also remember watching my mother exercising along with him everyday on television and thinking he looked a little funny with those wide shoulders. Jack LaLanne was a successful

Working Out-In – “Body Poses”, Regina Jeter

Some medical professionals say that body poses can target your health (Shape Magazine, August 2008).  The following exercises should be performed at least five times a week.  Try them to see if they work!  Leave us a comment or contact us at info@borntomove.org about whether these exercises really work.