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Linda Grymes, Group and Personal Fitness Instructor Business Owner (LG Total Fitness, LLC)

Linda was featured in BTM’s April 2010 edition, “Confessions from Triple Delight,” speaking about water aerobics and hair.  She is 59 years young and has been a fitness instructor for over 20 years.  “LG Total Fitness, LLC” is a dream come true and she’s loving every minute.  Once again, here

Kathy Carrington, Fitness Instructor/Cancer Survivor, Interview by Regina Jeter

BTM – Kathy, tell us something about you. KC – I’m 51 and my life’s philosophy is to stay physically active, eat nutritious meals and maintain healthy habits, mentally and spiritually.  I have exercised all my life and participated in various fitness activities such as:  aerobics, kick boxing, weight training

Zumba with Jewell Webb, Regina Jeter

“Born To Move” Magazine got the inside scoop from Jewell Webb, one of the most inspiring Zumba instructors in this area. Zumba Fitness was created in 2001 by Alberto “Beto” Perez.  It  is a Latin inspired dance-fitness program that incorporates international music such as:  salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton.  Since

“Line Dancing – Make You Want To Hollar and Throw Up Both Your Hands?”, Jeanette Jones

    Once people try line dancing, everyone falls in love with it.   The good thing about line dancing is that you don’t need a partner to get out there and do “your thang.”  One problem about doing “your thang” is when its time to step to your right, you need