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“Born To Move” Magazine, Health and Physical Movement for the Mature Woman

Born To Move” Magazine conveys health and physical fitness topics for the mind and body, with the desire to catapult readers into a healthier lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to educate as well as to eliminate the fear factor of taking a different approach to being healthy.  The forthcoming editions

When Your Fitness Routine Reaches a Plateau, Romona Wiltshire

    Wow! – This used to be fun… I used to see results when I exercised but now I’m just going through the motions, and my body isn’t changing.  Does this sound familiar? Example: The Walker Have you been walking for several years, five days a week, consistently for an

Who Said Water Aerobics Is Not For Everyone? Regina Jeter

  Not these seasoned citizens (60+)!  They are working out, having fun and getting stronger all at the same time.  They’re mobilizing and stabilizing their bodies to stay down in the water as opposed to floating up. Having control of every movement is their ultimate goal. They have found a

Working Out-In, Winter Fitness, Regina Jeter

The winter season and its inclement weather can certainly keep us from enjoying outdoor activities and exercise.  If it’s an ice storm or cold rain, indoor activities certainly are the best option. However, if it SNOWS…try making it an opportunity for outdoor fun and exercise for the entire family! Any

Fight Into Fitness, Angel McNamara

    Fight Into Fitness offers different types of boxing fitness training which can burn 800+ calories in 1 hour.  This type of  fitness training helps improve overall health through losing weight, gaining strength, defining muscles, building endurance, and gaining mental focus.  Besides the fitness aspect of boxing, you actually get