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Kettlebells, What Is This Iron All About? Jackie Simmons, Certified Aerobics Instructor

Years ago I wrote an article about, “I Want Those Arms”.  Did you know that a part of a woman’s body that is crucial to her overall appearance is her arms.  How many times have you looked at another woman’s arms and said, “What great arms – I want my

Can Muscle Turn Into Fat? This is one of those questions that are asked all the time. Isn’t this good to know?, Ask Joy Bauer Q: Is it true that muscle turns into fat if you stop working out? Conversely, can exercise turn fat into muscle? A: In a word, no! Muscle and fat are two entirely different entities. You can no more convert one into the other than you can

Kathy Carrington, Fitness Instructor/Cancer Survivor, Interview by Regina Jeter

BTM – Kathy, tell us something about you. KC – I’m 51 and my life’s philosophy is to stay physically active, eat nutritious meals and maintain healthy habits, mentally and spiritually.  I have exercised all my life and participated in various fitness activities such as:  aerobics, kick boxing, weight training