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How to Set Up Your Website To Connect With Social Media by Rudy Duke

Social media can be an excellent tool for business or non-profit organizations. How can your business or non-profit website enable you to take advantage of social media? I’m glad you asked. I will share with you some examples of how my clients have used social media on their websites to

A Pinch of Technology – A New “Outlook” on Life, Rudy Duke

Lots of email addresses These days, most people have multiple email addresses: Work <> Home <> Group> Volunteer/Ministry <> Some may even have a special email <> to make controversial comments on certain blogs that you don’t want to get back to you.  Spam, spam and more spam Lots

A Pinch of Technology – 4 Questions to Answer When Buying a Computer, Rudy Duke

        Are you in the market for a new computer? Don’t know where to start? You should ask yourself these questions:  1.  Windows or Mac? Personal computers are divided into two main camps: Apple’s Mac and Microsoft Windows. These refer to the programs that run the computers.

A Pinch of Technology, The New iPAD-Should I Get It? Rudy Duke, Nextium Solutions

      The New iPad—Should I Get It?  (It’s the third generation) iLike! The new iPad just came out.  Everybody expected it to be called the iPad3, instead Apple is calling it the “New iPad” and it’s resolutionary. Major Features: 1.     The display screen is brighter, crisper and sharper

A Pinch of Tecnology, Christine Olfus

“Does technology intimidate you?”  Computers, smartphones, audio systems and even cable television can appear intimidating.  Since technology is meant to improve and make life easier, learning basic functions should be also.  Mustering up the courage to learn is the only thing needed and before you know it, you have leaped