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October 2014 Magazine – Message from the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

28 October 2014no comments magazine

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There are so many things we should change as we mature and grow older.  There are seven principles that can take us beyond, beyond…. read the article on “Kwanzaa” and see if you don’t agree.

While we look for change, let’s try to treat and love others the way we want to be treated and loved.  “That Special Birth” reminds us of a loving Father who sent His son just to show us the way.

The holiday season is coming upon us; it’s a time of festivities, parties and merriment for most.  Others may not have relatives in the area or may be dealing with the loss of a loved one, so invite someone to enjoy a night out with you. In this edition, there is an article that will help you to understand the plight of a “Silent Night, Lonely Night.”  You can always give or send a nice “Fruit Arrangement”, made with you own hands.  Be patient with others who may not be able to remember all you may have said, “10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease” may be the problem.

Need to strengthen your body?  Let’s try something new, “Pole Exercise”, it might be more than what you bargained for, including great fun!  Cancer can attack anyone at anytime… check out survivor “Kathy Carrington’s” story.

This edition has so much to feed your spirit, mind, body and soul.  Enjoy the articles and share them with others.  Have a blessed and safe holidays, and it will be great connecting with  you in the New Year.


Regina M. Jeter


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Regina M. Jeter



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