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Fruit Arrangement by Marilyn Dunston

28 October 2014no comments Foods

fruit arrangement

A fruit arrangement is a healthy and beautiful choice for a center piece or gift basket.  It can be a fun, creative and an easy way to get your entire family involved, especially the little ones.

Here are the instructions:

1.  Use a head of lettuce as the base for your skewers to go into.  Remove the outer leaves of the lettuce so that you have a rounded shape and place in the container.

2.  After the lettuce is in place, place a small amount of kale around the inside of the basket to cover the lettuce.  You may have to cut the stalks at an angle to get the kale around the lettuce. The kale should look like a small, neatly trimmed bush that should be approximately 5 inches high.  Use as few pieces of kale as possible so there will be less kale to hide once the fruit is placed in the basket.  Bend and/or push your kale together if necessary.

3.   To be more creative, use cookie cutters and cut the fruit approximately 1-inch thick.

4.    Place the fruit on the pointed edge of a bamboo skewer with the base at a 45 degree angle. The 45 degree angle will give the arrangement a rounded appearance.  If you don’t do a 45 degree angle, your arrangement will look uneven and your green kale will show a lot.

5.    Hide the top point of the skewer with grapes or melon balls of your choice.



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