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July 2014 – Message from Publish/Editor-In-Chief

11 July 2014no comments magazine

Summertime is always a time to take it easy.  The days are long, and the night sky is filled with bright shiny stars.  It’s a time for people to enjoy each other and, our article on Summertime and the Living is Easy,  wants you to eat light and fresh foods; these will help us feel less weighed down, allowing us to enjoy these days and nights even more.

It wouldn’t be summer without family reunions. Remember to pass on some wisdom regarding finances by reading, Making Financial Literacy a Part of Your Next Family Reunion.  To get you in good  health this summer, read  Balance your Life with Love, Laughter and Yoga.  And on those hot days….you know it, Got Water?  Nothing beats those summer picnics like line dancing…no partner required.  Check out our interview with Soul Line Dancer, Nicky Wilkinson.

Ever wanted to know What is an Occupational Therapist? We have just the article for you. Are you a smart women with a slight weight issue?  Read Smart Women for a chuckle.  Yes, yes, yes, Working Out-In with a well known item that’s been in the household  forever.  What else can you do with bananas?  Read our recipe, Paleo Pancakes and let us know what you think.

 Have a blessed, great and safe summer!

Regina M. Jeter


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