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20 July 2013no comments fashion, Fitness, Foods, Health, Interviews/Testimonies, magazine

7.13 cover page

Summertime…….. where the living is easy.   Yes, we should thank God for not just summertime, but every day….whatever the day will bring.

What comes with summertime?  How about succulent summer fruits …..Kiwi and Mangos….hmmm, delicious.  It seems in the summer we tend to eat less.  Is it because it’s hot?  Well if you eat less maybe you won’t have to workout as hard.  Working Out-In, talks about stretching and how important it is.  Read and see why and how.

What about the free flowing hairdos for those who don’t want to go with braids this summer….ever heard about Tree Braiding?  For skin, we have Aloe Vera….it’s good for almost everything and Beauty Bits talks about which foods are also best for beauty. Speaking of food, there is good food and those that are not so good, 7 Things Never To Eat….but actually addresses both.  Can we talk anymore about water and the health properties it presents to our bodies?  Yes…read, What is it about Water?

The seniors at Congress Heights Wellness Center finale in Tracking Through the States, read about the accomplishments!  BTM magazine always wants to feature one of our local instructors.  In this edition, we speak with Jeannie  Brown Johnson and one of  the latest crazes in the fitness world, “aqua cycling.”

There will be some upcoming changes for both BTM’s magazine and its website in year 2014.  Keep your ears and hearts open to receive what we believe will be a step in the right direction.

Thank you for your continued readership and please have a safe and enjoyable summer.

God Bless,

Regina M. Jeter

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