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10 July 2012no comments Finances, Foods, Health


Ready or not….summer is here and things are beginning to heat up.  “Born To Move” writers have some hot topics just for you:

Safety tips that will keep the predators away; a medicine ball workout that is guaranteed to strengthen your body and it’s good to know what parts of your body you’re working on with knowing your anatomy.

We have fun topics like jazzercise; assistance with choosing the right computer;  guidance on the importance of having our documents in order; tips about never diet or starve ourselves; and information on “how to gain weight”…..what???

How about those summer shoes that everyone seems to wear one time or another, flip flops;  a recipe for the grill, garlic & mint chicken breast…hmmm, and an interview with another personal trainer/fitness instructor who turned her training into a business.  This is not uncommon.  Most instructors eventually find themselves wanting to help others on their fitness journey, she’s  Wenona Price.

Well, I hope and pray you enjoy and receive all that we have to offer in this edition of “Born To Move” Magazine.  Please don’t forget to share it with others  by passing on a hard copy or encouraging them to go to the website at, and subscribe to receive their own personal quarterly edition.

God Bless,

Regina M. Jeter


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