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After Weight Loss, Euraine Brooks

16 April 2012no comments Fitness, Foods, Health

Now that you have lost all that weight, dance the “Watusi” and celebrate your accomplishment; but are you feeling a little disappointed when “naked?”  As we lose weight, loose skin begins to hang.  Don’t let this stress you out.

A few facts:  (1) the skin is the largest organ in the human body and is medically known as part of the integumentary system; (2) skin is a living organ and is incredibly elastic.  Think of it as one big piece of rubber that covers the entire body.

What happens to your skin when you lose weight quickly?

The fat under the skin shrinks and the skin’s elasticity doesn’t adapt to your new shape quickly.  Age also reduces skin elasticity and thus “reduces” the ability of the skin to readjust its size after weight loss.

Loose Underarm Skin

Sagging under the arms can be related to excess weight gain or rapid weight loss.  There are many exercises that can assist with tightening the skin:

How to Tighten Loose Skin Under the Arms |

Did you know:  Arm lift surgery is referred to as brachioplasty and arm  liposuction.

Loose Stomach Skin

Abdominal skin is different from the rest of the skin covering our bodies.  It contains subcutaneous tissue that stores fat — it can store up to several inches. This is nature’s way of hoarding food in case of famine.  Overeating at meals causes fat cells to swell, causing bulges and stretches of this sensitive skin in the stomach.  Diet is one of the most critical reasons for sagging belly skin.  When weight loss occurs, sometimes the excessive skin begins to flap.  That’s why it is better to eat four to five small meals each day instead of overstuffing the stomach at two or three.

Ways to minimize or tighten loose skin

●    Lose weight slowly.  Expert say no more than 3 pounds per week.

●  Moisturize your body every night to help maintain the elasticity as your body is shrinking.

●   Massage your skin to build back elasticity.  Use mustard oil to get best results.  Look for lotions with ingredients such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin C.

●   Use collagen cream on your stomach area three times a day.  As we age, we lose up to 30% of the collagen structure in our skin, and this leads to the development of wrinkles, deepening of scar tissue, and skin sagging. Collagen creams work to improve the structural proteins in the skin’s existing collagen, and this also strengthens the structural proteins of the skin’s elastin.  Talk this over with your doctor. (Everything You Wanted to Know about Collagen Cream!

●   Tighten stomach muscles throughout the day by holding in the stomach muscles for a couple of minutes.

●   Do abdominal exercises to assist in shrinking excessive skin.  See

●    Tighten your triceps (underside of your arms) by doing pushups and using weights for tricep extensions.

●    Increase weight training to minimize the appearance of loose skin—substitute fat with muscle.

If considering surgery, tummy tucks are medical procedures performed to remove fats and extra skin on the belly area.  Worth reading is another procedure called LaserLipo.

Be patient! When weight loss is maintained and exercise continued, skin will gradually tighten up in 6-12 months or maybe longer.  Surgery should be considered as the last option after all the natural methods have been unsuccessful.  Cosmetic surgery is expensive and invasive.

Finally, consider working with a personal trainer to help tighten and tone your muscles.  Basically, the best course of action is to preserve your muscles while losing weight (fat).  As I see it, it’s far better to have extra skin than the alternative – extra weight. Sagging skin puts much less stress on your heart and metabolic system than fat.”  Learn to love you!






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