“Born To Move” Magazine, October 2011

Born to Move Magazine: October, 2011 Issue

Born to Move Magazine: October, 2011 IssueYes, we are still talking about born to move and some people want to know why  my targeted population is the “mature woman”.    My answer is that we as “mature woman” need encouragement and information readily available to move us into action, right now.  If we  think about it too long and do not take action right away….we will go on to our next thought.

“Born To Move” Magazine (BTM) wants to keep life changing  information in the forefront of the mature woman’s mind,  this way action can be taken immediately.

In this edition, we want our readers to test or experience the information submitted by our writers, such as:  providing help in the job market and tips in technology to level the playing ground;  the importance of  how we look and feel about ourselves and how life tragedies don’t have to get us down; conquering stress-related cravings, asking ourselves how much food do we need to eat and most importantly know that we are what we eat; also know how laughter can brighten up our day; and we can’t leave out our daily exercises, not just for the body but also for our face.

I’m always excited about every edition and I thank God that He provides my team with wisdom and knowledge to share with you, hoping that will bring life-changing results.  So kudos to all who contributed their time and efforts and certainly to you the reader.  Please let us hear from you, reply to info@borntomove.org.

God Bless,

Regina M. Jeter


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