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“I’m Coming Out” — Exercise Hibernation, Jackie Simmons

01 April 2010no comments Fitness

bear Have you been locked down and bundled up in blankets and sweaters?  Cold or inclement weather can make outdoor activities somewhat difficult.

Well, winter is over and the warm weather is on its way. Are you one who is coming out of hibernation and a little anxious to get back into your outdoor exercise routine?  If you have not been exercising on a regular basis during these winter months, it will take time to get your body back into condition to start outdoor activities again. Consider first doing these indoor calorie burning activities:

  •  Walk up and down the stairs 5 times consecutively.
  • Exercise with a DVD.
  • Join a dance class.
  • Enroll in an indoor swimming or aqua class.
  • Take brisk walks around the mall.

Spring is a season of re-birth. Everything starts to bloom, and the colors around us are gorgeous. Start your outdoor activities with something simple like, walking or jogging 20 minutes a day, three times a week.  This can jump-start your body out of hibernation mode.  Or try a new hobby like planting flowers.  All of the squatting, kneeling and bending will get those muscles activated and ready for more strenuous exercises, such as biking, running or skating.

Spring is also the best time to take advantage of most outdoor activities because the weather is neither cold or hot. Take some time to meditate and enjoy the scenery that God has prepared for us.  There are so many places to go and things to see; flea markets, outdoor concerts, farmers markets, fairs and walks for various charities. Walking around at these events or locations are great ways to exercise.

Remember a healthy lifestyle is always achievable, regardless of the  weather or season. So, when winter returns and you find yourself snowed in, you will know how to be ready to do some things besides hibernating.  And when Spring returns, you too can sing “I’m Coming Out” and be able to stand!

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